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Extraordinary General Meeting 

Welcome to the September 2022 Extraordinary General Meeting. Thank you for coming. As you know, we have three vacant positions on the committee: Events Manager, Junior Fresh and Senior Fresh Representatives. If you would like to run, you can talk to the Tech Officer or fill out the form below. Don't forget to enjoy the free pizza after. 

No persons admitted to membership less than twenty four hours prior to the EGM shall be entitled to vote at that meeting. The quorum for the EGM shall be 22. Any member of the college may attend the EGM but only fully-paid members of the society are entitled to vote.

Each election shall be of the form of a first past the post secret ballot. In the case of there being only a single candidate for a position the members shall be asked to ratify or reject this candidate using a “yes/no” option. Candidates must be fully paid members of the society in order to be considered for election to the committee. Each candidate must be nominated and seconded by fully paid members of the society. Each candidate may participate in hustings or have someone speak on their behalf during the EGM.

Run for Committeee

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