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Our Committee

The Committee consists of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Manager, Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.), Tech Officer, Junior Fresh Representative, Senior Fresh Representative and 2 Ordinary Committee Members (O.C.M). All committee members shall be answerable to the committee, attend all committee meetings, attend all society events where possible, have a responsibility to promote the society in the college, and attend all training provided by the CSC or other bodies when deemed appropriate.

Vacant Positions

The Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) has recently resigned from their position. The Committee has decided to co-opt an eligible member to fill the vacant role in accordance with article 10.1 of the Constitution. This temporary P.R.O will serve in their position until the Annual General Meeting in April. The Committee is now accepting nominations and will appoint a suitable candidate at the next meeting of the Committee. 

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